Web Design Critique: https://www.naroua.com/naroua/

A website is very important for Koh Tao villa because it is a sign of professionalism. When people search for a hotel, they always assume that there is a website that will provide them information on the services and amenities that they could expect. The website must be designed properly because many people decide based from what they see from the site.

First impression

The highlight of the landing page is the scrolling slideshow banner that is prominently placed to ensure that it will catch attention. The slideshow includes an image of the beautiful sea as seen from the villa and examples of the luxurious accommodations. A user gets an immediate sense of what to expect and how the villa might look like. The beautiful view of the sea can captivate the attention of the target market and encourage them to check out the rates and availability.


It can be pretty frustrating for a user to be unable to find directions. The focus of navigation on this website is to provide direction and not just to look impressive. The box with BOOK is highlighted because it is the specific action that site wants the visitor to make. The navigation menu used familiar words that most users are exposed to. The layout is also familiar so that the user instinctively knows what to do. Having smooth navigation makes the difference in being able to influence users to book a room.


Content is simple and easy to understand so that the user is not overwhelmed. Content is tailored in a way that will increase conversion rates. There is only one topic per page so that its message will be easily understood. Topics have been effectively broken up into subpages that the user can navigate with ease. Since content is interesting, the user tends to stay in the site longer. This can boost the search ranking of the web pages. A good strategy is the use of a map that shows the distance of the Koh Tao villa from Bangkok. The user gains an idea on how far the villa is and the shortest routes to take to save on time.

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