Web Design Critique: https://www.tecdisnetwork.com/en/home/

Web design for a technical logistics provider must aim to gain user confidence. First impression plays a key role that is why it is important to highlight the benefits that clients can gain by working with the logistics provider. There must be detailed information on how equipment will be stored, how it will be delivered and the type of technical installation that will be undertaken when the equipment reaches its final destination.

First impression

The slider on the landing page of the website easily catches attention because the images show what technical logistics is about. Content is delivered in a very concise manner without the unnecessary details that will bore a user. Content tells users how the company undertakes the complicated task through high tech transport, warehousing and value added services including reverse logistics when necessary and required by the client. The website also assures the customer that orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. Web design shows faces of the people behind every service that the company offers.


The horizontal navigation menu at the top of the page is fairly simple and easy to understand. It uses the more familiar terms that both businesses and individuals expect. The navigation menu is the element that people always look for when they require more information aside from what has been presented in the landing page. Horizontal navigation is a safer choice for the website because it facilitates content browsing. The web designer has successfully established visual hierarchy because the primary links are easily distinguishable from the secondary links at the bottom of the page.


Since there is stiff competition in the logistics industry, it is important for web design to establish a strong online presence by delivering relevant information required by users. Content informs the user about the mission, services provided, fleet and many more. The web designer was able to provide users with an idea on what to expect from the company in terms of expertise and specific knowledge including their partners within the logistics sector. The responsive design of the website allows user to access the pages from any device they desire to use.

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