Web Design Critique: JPG Electronics

E-commerce sites are very common these days. There are millions of active online businesses currently found on the World Wide Web and many more are popping up every single day. There are physical stores that even take their time in investing into their very own online shops as well for further revenue source and brand awareness. It comes as no surprise as more and more consumers are also warming up to the idea of online shopping as it offers a lot of benefits such as convenience, door to door deliveries and rush orders.

Today’s web critique will be all about JPG electronics (www.jpgelectronics.com), an e-commerce site that offers a wide variety of electronic products. Upon typing the URL and landing on the website’s homepage, here is the verdict.

Loading Speed

When it comes to the loading speed of the homepage, it is quite fast considering that the homepage contains a lot of elements such as big banners, an embedded video on the side as well as a dozen images and brand icons displayed. There are five animated banner images posted in the top half of the page while the side bar contains a lot of texts. There are 12 featured products posted on the bottom half of the homepage while 12 brand icons are also displayed at the bottom.

Web Design and Content

While the design of the website is simple and fitting for an electronic online shop, the contents are quite crammed in the homepage. The “Shop by Categories” at the left sidebar is helpful for customers who are looking for specific type of products. The right sidebar, on the other hand, shows off an embedded video followed by “Today’s Super Deal” which contains the product’s image as well as detailed description which fills up the side and gives the page a very crowded look.

Responsive Design

When browsed using a smartphone, the website was not responsive in design as the entire page is displayed as if using a web browser.



For an e-commerce site, it would be more effective to see a responsive web design that highlights the products and sorted into categories and brands in a drop down menu. Higher quality images are also important to give the customers a better view of the product before purchasing. All in all, the website loads fast, easy to navigate and text are in good contrast with the white background. To have your own e-commerce website, hire http://www.perth-web-design.com.au/perth-web-design-services/web-design/.

Posted by kennypforrest