Web Design Critique: KDG

KDG is a technology firm comprised of a team of developers based in the Lehigh Valley. They are one of the few certified Lehigh Valley computer consultant specializing in Zoho CRM and custom software development. Their office is located in Allentown and their clients include educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and businesses from small to medium sized. Today we are going to critique their website www.kyledavidgroup.com.

First impression. The homepage follows a minimalistic and modern approach. The header emphasizes the goal of the company for their clients in simple, white and bold texts while the background is an animated video in black and white so as not to divert the attention away from the texts. A column is dedicated for the list of their top services with links to each corresponding page. There are highlights in the homepage contain in each frame including testimonials, reviews, blog posts, featured clients and the KDG family wall. They made use of blocks of colors to emphasize each part of the homepage.

Navigation. There are menu tabs at the top of the page for easy browsing. Users can easily visit pages based on their needs without confusion. There are calls-to-action buttons within the homepage and a live chat window automatically pops up to engage visitors.

Aesthetic. As Lehigh Valley computer consultant, the company is living up to their name with the look and design of their website. It is simple but impressive enough because of the small details incorporated into it. The flow is uninterrupted even when viewing using a gadget with smaller screen size. All throughout the site, blocks of colors are used to highlight the texts.

Font and colors. The typography is simple and uniform in all of the website’s pages. The colors used are in complement to the company’s logo and is not overwhelming because of the plain white background.

Content review. There are brief texts and descriptions in every page which encourages visitors to read rather than skip. The content contains no spelling or grammatical errors which could have a big impact on a company’s credibility.

Overall, the website of KDG, Lehigh Valley computer consultant, has an excellent professional design, loads fast and easy to navigate.

Posted by kennypforrest