Web Design Critique: KMarshello

Kmarshello is a website owned by Kat Marshello who is an independent designer and illustrator from Seattle. According to her website, she specializes in cultivating engaging brand experiences with the use of her hand crafted design, illustration as well as creative direction. Her services include graphic design, illustration, creative direction, branding/identity, hand lettering, photo styling, packaging, and content curation and creation.

As soon as you enter the website link, you are directed to a page where all her artworks are categorized accordingly with accompanying thumbmark images. There are many categories enumerated including Illustration, Vector Art, Art Direction & Photo Styling, Illustrated Maps, Galentines Day Collection, Food Art, Hand Lettering, Surface Design, Interactive Design, Baking EBook, Mountains to Sound, Fresh Bucks, Winter Weather Mailer, Logos, Mail Art, Illustrated Portfolio Website, YWEP x Camp Firebelly and EcoBook.

Loading Time. Despite the many images in one page, the loading time is quite impressive because all the images are optimized.

Navigation. There’s a menu option at the top center of the page which is quite hard to miss unless your vision is not perfect because the font used is small and the color of the text is gray in a white background which is not an attention catcher. Once you click the menu option, it will expand to offer other pages on the site including work, services, about, contact, blog and shop.

Logo and brand name. Just below the menu option is the brand name of Kat Marshello Studio in a simple font and text style, though again the font size is quite small. This is all a consistent attempt to have a very minimalistic designed website.

Content. The contents are very straightforward and do not crowd the entire page. It has all the information that the users need and these are all strategically placed inside the web pages of her site.

Font and Text. The font and text used are very simple and minimalistic, not to mention the simple white background used in all the pages. There are bright text here and there which adds an edge to the entire look.

Overall, the website is an eye candy with all the beautiful artworks such as illustrated maps and images plastered all over the site but does not affect the loading time. The contents are very simple and easy to read until the end. Scrolling down does not seem like a task but something the reader looks forward to as the site is very engaging visually.



Posted by kennypforrest