Web Design Critique: Kyle David Group

Accounting can be daunting. Not just dealing with it, or helping clients deal with it, but advertising about it. There’s no shortage of clients, but the presentation has to be worthwhile to get noticed. Kyle David Group, online accounting and bookkeeping company makes a good effort, with an approachable and easy to digest site.

First thing that people will likely notice is the main menu. It has all the standard features one expects from any good website, with links to all the pages, the company logo, contact information, and others. It also sticks to the top of the browser, albeit in a compacted form, allowing for easy navigation.

Just above it, is a little metric of the company’s overall customer review rating, based on aggregated reviews, which also acts as a link to the site’s feedback. It’s pretty noticeable given its location and distinct shading; using better-contrasting colors to help itself stand out. It’s a smart move, given how powerful customer reviews are these days.

As mentioned before, the site puts an emphasis on being easily digestible, which is done, in part, by keeping unnecessary elements down to a minimum. Even the color scheme reflects this; the primary color throughout the pages on their site is white, with color coming from the occasional shade of violet and lilac for emphasis, and the visual media that the site uses.

That being said, it doesn’t feel empty or lifeless, as the aforementioned visual media is judiciously used, and numerous without coming across as overwhelming. Again, this accounting and bookkeeping firm opted to go for digestibility as their site’s key design principle, and even the layout of the visual media and the text reflects that.

Videos, images, diagrams, and other forms of visual media are used to break up long spaces of white background and introduce a human element to the sites, and they’re accompanied by short excerpts of text, or are used to emphasize something the text in the body is already saying. Again, it all goes into creating a layout that’s simple and easy to grasp, with minimal fluff, but just enough vibrancy to be memorable.

All in all, it’s a well-made site, one that manages to make accounting and bookkeeping look rather interesting. It depends on the visitor how effective it actually is, but the site’s noteworthy in its effort, all the same.

Posted by kennypforrest