Web Design Critique: mydefence.ca

The website of Donich Law is one of the best examples of a website that provides valuable information for people who have been accused of a crime including students who are searching for information on the essential elements of a criminal defence. The focus of the website is to provide relevant information that is why you can’t expect the bold colors, animations and pretty graphics used by ecommerce sites.

To ensure better user experience, web design has included the most important elements like the contact information on every page, not just the homepage, a working navigation menu on all the pages and a page that exclusively highlights the lawyers of Donich Law, their practice areas and their expertise.

The practice areas explain what readers want to know about their situation. They are given some actionable steps like who to call when accused of a crime or how to make an informed decision with the presence of lawyer.

Content is fresh and relevant and looks like they are updated regularly. The pictures used on the site have high quality which could be a big help to visitors when deciding on the lawyer they would like to hire. One of the most viewed pages aside the homepage is the page that includes that full profiles of the lawyers alongside useful content.

The contact page includes the phone number and directions to the office of Donich Law. It also includes a simple form that allows visitors to immediately contact a lawyer online. The form is simple and intuitive and does not request for information that visitors are usually reluctant to share. The design of the contact page assures visitors of the professionalism of the law firm.

When a person is accused of a crime, it can be assumed that he is not interested in the colors, styles and fonts used in website design. The main focus will be the information that is provided because the accused or his family has to act fast to gain legal assistance. The minimalist design of the website highlights the information it wants to share to visitors so that they will have an insight on how the criminal defence law works.

Posted by kennypforrest