Web Design Critique On Glassdoor

The huge number of folks searching online for jobs and the crucial online reviews from these online users is what makes job-seeking sites with reviews from the likes of King Kong SEO reviews a big hit nowadays. Among the many job marketplaces currently operating is Glassdoor.

How Glassdoor competes online

The website of Glassdoor has the professional white background look that is paired with black fonts, images, and other coloured elements. Furthermore, the site successfully feature the main pages of the subsections through the use of images, thus resulting to the ease of access for site visitors with identifying as to which section is which. Less hassle, less confusion.

With regards to navigation, it’s simply straightforward.  There are links found on top and bottom of each page on the site. The main menu on the other hand does not follow through with the browser upon scrolling up or down. The web pages mostly aren’t too long and tiring to read but rather brief yet still quite informative.

Now about the content, it’s quite good actually and works pretty well. The texts are just at the right amount in length for it to be informative and easy on the eyes. It’s not too lengthy and boring to look at as visual media such as logos, videos, and images are in place.

Glassdor’s website does not take up so much time just to load. Depending on the content with the page, the web pages easily load in a matter of seconds.

But the thing with the site which is somewhat a slight turn off for me upon visiting the page is the registration part which pops up automatically out of nowhere. It’s not too bad actually but for first time visitors, a significant chunk of the web content is blocked.  So much is yet to be discovered in the site. The registration part is the only thing that makes it a little too aggressive and unwelcoming for site visitors.

To sum it all up, the website of Glassdor is pretty decent looking, well thought out and only needs minor tweaks and refinement for perfection.

Posted by kennypforrest