Web Design Critique on WestRealEstate.com.au

First impression

The design of the homepage is too simple that it may fail to catch the attention of users. Simplicity and cleanliness of web design are essential but sometimes a little bit of excitement can increase the number of visitors. The site offers house and land packages but it lacks engaging content. The site does not have a strong visual pull which minimizes its appeal.


Navigation is simple and easy and it is fairly consistent through the pages. The buttons help in navigating content quickly and efficiently. Site map is easy to understand and it provides another option for the user to access useful information. There is no backlink to the homepage although it allows the user to navigate the site through the natural progression of content. All the links are working and there is nothing that will frustrate the user and will make him consider the site as unprofessional. The web designer has made use of frames to split up content and it reduces the confusion in site navigation.


Generally, the purpose of a user in accessing websites offering house and land packages is to gain useful information. Users often browse several websites to check all the listings that will meet the requirements. It is therefore important to provide adequate content that will capture the attention of the user otherwise it is very easy to move on with the search. The amount of useful content on the site is inadequate and there is so much room for improvement. Web design should be interactive so that it can take advantage of the opportunity to interact with visitors. The FAQ page answers most common questions of visitors but it should have a separate button on the homepage so that the user can navigate to the FAQ page as efficiently as possible.

Contact information

If the user finds something useful from the site, the next thing he will look for is contact information. Sometimes it is easier for the user if the contact information is simply placed on the homepage so that the user will not need to make an effort in looking for it. They don’t need to hunt for information they want to see immediately.

Posted by kennypforrest