Web Design Critique: Perth Web Design

With much of the businesses needing an online visibility, there is a need to have an attractive but also informative web site to bring people in.

This is the passion we see in Perth Web Design’s web site. The elegant looking and informative site mirrors the services this digital agency is offering to their potential customers and clients.

Perth web designer specializes in web site design with online exposure services like marketing and search engine optimization. They were founded in 2007 and has grown to have offices in Melbourne and Bangkok.

Now, let us look at the content in their web site.

It is so helpful that we can readily check the services they offer displayed through the icons in the Services section when scrolling down. The icons are graphically pleasing to the eyes and are already very informative even without the texts accompanying them.

The Case Studies is an excellent addition to the site. Sometimes, clients come to these web designers confused of what they need to have done. Browsing through the case studies, a potential client can already have an idea of how the product will be based from their needs.

On the bottom part, there is map to their location. It is important to note that not every site includes a map of their exact location. Even a textual address is not enough for most. This is extremely helpful for clients who want to have a face to face interaction with the company to get the feel of who they will be working with in the future. More information of how we can reach them is available in the Contact Us page. There is even information on the opening hours in a week, and there is also a contact form. The map is also bigger here in the Contact Us page.

There is also an arrow at the bottom of the page for easier navigation back to the top although it is already very helpful that the navigation bar stays on top wherever we are in the page.

Posted by kennypforrest