Web design critique: Platinum Human Hair Extensions

First impression

I cannot help myself from saying that I really like the site of human hair extensions loughborough because there is plenty of information and the message imparted is crystal clear. Users use the web to search for information and what they can find from this site is pretty good. It meets the expectations of readers which mean that a favorable impression is immediately built within the first few seconds that the eyes focus on the page.


Navigation is simple and user friendly. There is no clutter or information overload. The navigation menu on the top of the homepage is limited to 6 clearly labeled tabs that any reader will easily understand. Contact information is visible and a potential customer does not need to search for the phone number and email address. The contact form that says “click here to contact us if you need a quote” is a very good strategy. The navigation bar is consistent throughout the pages so that a user will not get lost.

As you continue on browsing to the bottom of the page, you will find a list of services that are being offered including the areas that are covered. Another nice touch is the information about insurance because it reduces the anxiety and misgivings of a potential customer regarding hair extensions.


The website delivers a good experience for a potential customer who wants to make an informed decision about hair extensions. Information is presented in a way that is easy to understand. Web design did not make use of many colors but it made the site look classy and sophisticated. Text can easily be read and understood because there is good font choice on a white background. It does not strain the eyes and the brain is not overworked to decipher the information provided. The color scheme is designed to catch attention in its simplicity. For the most part, the web designer has made good use of charcoal gray and black which makes the image standout. If you will look closely, the only splash of bright color can be found on the single image.

Posted by kennypforrest