Web Design Critique: Pro Removalists Sydney

When it comes to competing for removals in Sydney, companies need to make sure they stand out, and Pro Removalists Sydney does well with its site.

First impressions last, as they say, and the company’s site does well in that regard. It’s header, a bright blue box that contains links to the site’s pages, which are pretty much what you expect from a company that handles removals in Sydney, all arranged neatly. It also lets people get a quote for free, with text fields for inputting information the company needs to give a good quote. Alongside all of that is the company’s phone number, and a slideshow bragging about the site and the company’s merits.

This particular header is also present across all of the site’s pages, which means all the convenience it provides, meaning if a visitor needs to get a quote or navigate through the site, they don’t have to scroll down for the stuff they need.

The site, the main navigation tool included, features a blue and orange contrast alongside a white background. This colour scheme is quite common, and for good reason, as the two colours highlight each other quite well, something the site takes advantage of quite well.

The text has highlights of blue and orange, but the text is primarily black, with bright blue links. While the pops of orange and blue help create breaks in the paragraphs, some of the text is so long that they feel likeĀ  a slog to go through. This is particularly noticeable, as the home page make great use of visual aids like images, videos and coloured text boxes. However, the other pages are primarily text, with links on the side and the navigation tool providing the only splashes of colour in the site’s pages.

For all of the sites’ convenience, as well as its impressive first impression, it’s imbalanced. It makes a good first impression with its navigation tool and its home page is well made with a good balance of images and text, but the problem is that it overloads the front page. There’s too much in it, to the point that it feels bloated, and it feels like they threw all their efforts into improving the front page, to the detriment of everything else.

The site could use some redistribution with regards to its content. The reviews on the front page could be separated to their own page, and the other pages could use images.

Posted by kennypforrest