Web Design Critique: S31 Hotel

Welcome: Luxury Hotel in Bangkok.If you’re a modern 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit, having that as a first impression is about as direct as you can go. These are the first words that’ll greet you when you visit the site of the S31 Hotel, in Sukhumvit, accompanied by pictures of the hotel’s rather stylish interior with a model. Regardless of the feel or authenticity of the images, they send you  a good idea of what to expect when it comes to the hotel.

The fold isn’t beating around, showing you tabs for accommodation, promotions, facilities & services, dining, spa, reservation, weddings, photo gallery, location and contact us. Notice how there’s no “About Us” page in the fold? That’s because that’s on the main page of the website, you just need to scroll down.

The brilliant bit about the site is that, regardless of how you scroll, you’ll always have the bottom tab of  “BOOK NOW YOUR HOTEL”, which gives you to option to select your check-in and check-out dates, with a promo code and a ‘BOOK NOW’ button that promises the best prices. If you’re in the main page, you’ll even seen they offer free buffet breakfast and free welcome drink, which they openly advertise.

Scrolling down will show you the details about the company, and the page in question, with pictures acting as links with their own concise description about the page you clicked into. For example, if you go to the promotions page, you’ll see some text describing your options when you book into this modern 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit, from the spa treatment, to wedding promotions, etc.

One thing that’s easy to notice with the page is that nearly every image pulls double duty as a link. This is great use of visual aids, which the site has throughout its design, with eye-catching imagery paired up with concise descriptions that embolden key words, so you get what the important bits are.It’s the info you want in a digestible form, followed by visual aids so you really have an idea what you’re getting, which is paramount to a hotel’s website.

One of the big issues with the site has to be a lack of colour. The colour scheme is the standard white background, this time paired up with a pale shad of tile-set brown, with patterning, with some dark cream for emphasis. It’s nice, it’s professional, but the fact that the main content isn’t lacking in colour stands out from the barren qualities of the sides of the page.

All in all, a very well-constructed site, with a goal that it’s built around and accomplishes well; to present a modern 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit and attract tourists. It could use a splash of colour, and scrolling down to see the info you need can be rather tedious, though with mobile devices, that might be pretty much a given. It’s very professional, but could use a little bit more energy and a bit of a humanizing element, all in all.

Posted by kennypforrest