Web Design Critique: StudioBKK

Today, we are checking out the Bangkok website design company, StudioBKK.


Brief background about StudioBKK

They have been in website design business since 2005 which makes them a decade old in the industry. They create websites not only for hospitality and resort clients but also for corporate clients. Aside from website creation, they also offer services for search engine optimization as well as other digital services.


Website content

I am impressed with the way they have added content in their homepage. The information they included is at a fair amount but they are already able to explain who they are, what their services are and who they’ve worked with.


For anyone who wants to work with a company that specializes in creative and digital services, seeing a portfolio is important. A portfolio is a way for you to see through how they work and how the final product will look like.


I love how they take pride in their work and included a dedicated page showcasing the work they did for their clients. They made one-page sites, microsites, full sites for their hospitality and corporate clients. All of which anyone can browse through their portfolio page. Their core mission is to create the highest quality of work on every project they are handling for every client they have which is greatly visible in their portfolio.


Website design

The overall design is very minimal but is strikingly sleek with its black, gray and white template. The navigation is also very seamless. Without too many inner pages, you wouldn’t get lost in clicking through their web pages.

I also had to check the responsiveness of the website which is crucial nowadays. Yes, there are no issues with viewing their website in any type of devices whether it is on a personal computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. The pages load and content is readable.



I love how their website is simple and minimal with a clean looking theme. Their content is helpful and not overwhelming. Their portfolio page is the highlight in the whole website definitely. Overall, their website does its purpose.

Posted by kennypforrest