Web Design Critique: Systems Commercial Furniture

Normally, a good way to get introduced to a company and their brand, is to find out what their slogan is. Even the most corporate of companies have a slogan they use to market, and it’s notable when a company is lacking. Systems Commercial Furniture, a seller of office furniture in Auckland, has that flaw, which you’ll notice as you check their webpage.  The first words after the menu and the contact details are: “For modern workspaces, office furniture”. Not really a slogan, per se, so much as a mission statement.

The site has a very professional presentation, with a plain white background, partnered with grey and black text that tells visitors to their site about what the company is, and what it does. Even the big image in the main page that greets the visitor is a guide to their services. What follows is the text that tells you about the company, with links to their online catalogue and Instagram to the right.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with straightforwardness and professionalism in aesthetics, which this store of office furniture in Auckland has in spades. The problem that it has too much of it, and remember what they say about too much of a good thing.

If you go to the products subpages, you’ll quickly notice that even the product images, as in the image that works as a link, have the same plain white backdrop as the rest of the page. This is all well and nice, very professional, but again, the problem comes that, overall, comes across as somewhat cold and lifeless. Not to mention the little detail that some of the products it has in its listing are just as white and plain as the image background. Not for nothing, is differentiating between the two a real concern.

Overall, the site is well thought out in terms of layout and text, with a straightforward design that has a clear aim that it does well; to inform you about office furniture in Auckland, and to help you in deciding whether or not you’ll purchase. There’s no doubting its efficacy on that front, the problem that it goes for that aspect to the detriment of everything else, resulting in a webpage that’s efficient, but so professional as to come across as robotic and unremarkable.

Posted by kennypforrest