Web Design Critique: The Continent Hotel Bangkok

About The Continent Hotel Bangkok

The Continent Hotel Bangkok is a 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit which offers luxury and convenience to guests. Aside from a place to stay, the hotel comes with various amenities and facilities such as dining, corporate meeting rooms, co-working space, swimming pool, O2 Sky gym, and internet station among many others. Today we are going to critique its website located at www.thecontinenthotel.com/services-and-facilities/.

Loading time and the homepage. The loading time between entering the link and waiting for all elements in the homepage to appear is quite fast. Visitors will most likely stay on the page because of this alone. The homepage exudes a very luxurious feel which reflects the 5 star status of the accommodation. The black and white contrast coupled with the images of the hotel is complimenting.

Navigation. Guests who wish to book a room in the hotel will find it easy because there is a call to action at the homepage. They can click on the flashing “Check Availability” button at the top. It will open a form where the users can choose their arrival and checkout date and check the rates before making the final decision to book.

Usability. The website is easy to use even for first timers in hotel booking. Menu options are provided at the left side of the screen so the visitor knows where they are going or where to look for answers. Though the hotel is based in Thailand, the website is available in English. There is an option to choose the language of the website at the top left of the screen.

Colours and fonts. The majority of the colours on the website is black and white which makes the website appear luxurious. There are colours incorporated especially to some links which are effective as the user’s attention is called by the call-to-action buttons. The fonts are simple and professional but the gray texts on the bottom with the gray background can be too bright.

Overall, the website of The Continent Hotel Bangkok is suitable for its title of 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit because it represents its luxury and professional status in the hospitality industry.

Posted by kennypforrest