Web Design Critique: Theft Lawyer

About Donich Law Professional Corporation

This law firm, Donich Law Professional Corporation is a reputable firm located in Toronto which provides excellent legal service and representation to the public. Its approach in dealing with a case is results-oriented with affordable legal fees that gives high-winning rates. The company provides excellent services to domestic and foreign clients. The company’s services include Professional Regulation, Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation.   

Searchability. The keywords “DUI lawyers”do not show the website on the Google search engine results when searched until the 20th page. This is a negative indication that suggests a poor popularity of the firm.

Usability. The web page contains many useful information regarding legal issues. This helps the uses determine the dependability of the firm. The website also includes write-ups of the cases defended that are useful testimonials to guarantee the good standing of the company.

Navigation. The menus placed at the top of the page are in horizontal positions, but no drop downs are available on every page. There are no menu links provided at the lower part of the site. The users still have to return to the top portion of the page for another menu which can cause inconvenience to the online users considering the topics are long which could consume time.

Design and layout. The website’s design and layout are simple which display a strong professionalism that gives a good impression of the company. All the contents on the website focus on the profile of the firm that describe its kind.Several logos of clients vouch for the reputation of the company and the pictures on the firm’s site indicate the firm’s credibility. The website’s design is filled with many details that can benefit the users.

Contents. The law firm’s website contains useful data of the company’s legal services, expertise, and achievements.The site has a location map that can be found at the bottom part of the website which gives the user an easy way to locate the firm.  If the clients have concerns to ask, they can send a message to the company by writing on the available fields on the website. This is an easy way to get the answers of the client’s issues.

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