Web Design Critique: Titan Transline

Any self-respecting company needs a good website, no exceptions. The trucking company, Titan Transline, apparently got the memo, with a well-designed, well-presented site that manages to do quite well in creating brand awareness, though not without fault.

The site wastes no time getting to the heat of the meat, with the first thing being visible on every page, right across the company logo, being the company’s contact details, alongside a link that says “Request a Quote”, which, as the text implies, lead visitors to the page where they can give key information to the trucking company in order for them to generate an estimate of costs.

This link and the rest of the links to the site’s pages are all placed on a header that’s designed to stay on top of the page no matter how far a visitor scrolls down the page. This means that it, and all of its convenient navigation options, are always readily available. That’s good, because links in the main body are non-existent, at least in the text. Image and icons are almost always links when they’re part of the main body.

Speaking of the test, there’s a distinct lack of verbosity when it comes to this site. Paragraphs tend to be short, with a few sentences at most. This lack of text is exacerbated by the small font, and its dark grey color, which can be hard to distinguish sometimes. The content is informative, and straightforward, if only a bit lacking.

In contrast, the site’s images are mostly well-chosen, and come with good captions or text boxes, which say exactly what the site wants to say. Images are bright, vibrant and easy to notice, giving a visual example of the company can do. There’s a bit of a hiccup though, as some of the images are stock photos or simple edits of a currently existing problem. This is a bit jarring, give n the emphasis on visuals aids, as these errors are more easy to spot thanks to the lack of stuff in text. Also worth noticing is that the site’s images are in a slideshow with no control over which image should be out. Site also lacks an icon on new browsers, which is minor, but still a pain.

Overall, the site has a solid grasp of the foundations, with a good layout and proper imagery. It could use a polish, though, and a bit more text.

Posted by kennypforrest