Web Design Critique: Triumph Institute

The Triumph Institute’s website is a good example of how being straight to the point and concise can be a bad thing. Overall, it’s a well-designed site, with good choices when it comes to structure and composition, but it so laconic, it feels lacking and empty.

First off, it sports a standard and calming white-blue colour scheme, with the blue parts sporting a powder blue colour, mostly associated with babies, which helps give it a very calming feel, which is something that’s definitely desired with a healthcare provider.  As for colours and images, the site’s few images, and icons all feature people, or cartoons of them, in vibrant environments, which do give the site a bit of a human element, which is also nice.

As for structure itself, it’s very straightforward; header, images that lead up to the main content, then the main content itself. At the end of every page, is the site’s logo, which also has a link to its Facebook page, as well as a Google Map link to the location. The images are notable for anyone visiting the site, as they’re also links to other pages, which helps quite nicely with navigation, which is already pretty good given that the header tab always sticks to the top of the browser, so any visitor to the site always has access to it.

 Now, the content itself is actually quite nice; being nicely informative, without coming across as overwhelming or boring. It also feels natural, and relates to you quite nicely, so it’s worth reading, and lets you know the Triumph Institute quite well, which is, of course, the point of any good company website.

However, there’s one glaring issue with the site. It is, in a word, laconic. To its detriment. 

Any visitor to the site who turns their attention to the scroll bar will immediately notice how much it covers, signifying how short it is to the bottom of every page in the site. And, indeed, anyone who goes through all of the content in the site will find there isn’t that much content to go through. Now, the text is informative and concise enough to really be good, but there isn’t that text, so it feels like it’s not giving enough information. There’s also a distinct lack of images in the site, which is somewhat of a shame, as the other images give assurance that the site knows how to handle images, which is something they might want to consider in the future.

All in all, the site isn’t a problem of being built wrong, but not having enough built. Its structure, design and scheme are all solid, it just happens to lack content to really make it work.

Posted by kennypforrest