Web Design Critique: Tulle Source

Tulle is better known as a flimsy fabric that is often used for ladies clothing but lately the material has become a popular packaging material for gifts like wedding favors. The following website that will be critiqued is a source for premium quality tulle.

First impression

Web design for the site has made good use of white background. The design is simple but it clearly emphasizes the products offered by the store. First impressions are very crucial but after a Google search result bring you to this site; its simplicity can capture your interest. There is no clutter that will distract a user’s attention; instead, the home page sends the message “This is our personality. We are simple but not boring. We are on holiday sale and you better shop now to get the best deals.”


Navigation is as simple as possible. It is presented in a way that you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily. It is predictable and consistent which is very reassuring for a visitor. If you click on a link on the navigation menu, it reveals sub-options which are easier on the eyes. The user is not overwhelmed with choices because the links are presented simply and efficiently. Navigation is fairly consistent and does not hamper the site’s usability.


It is very likely that a visitor to this site is looking for tulle fabric and the site effectively provides the different items that will satisfy the requirements. The images are simple but they are the best examples of the fabrics available through the store. When the main concern is conversion, it is a good idea to provide the visitor with the prices. Instead of creative pursuits, site design makes it simple for the user to make a purchase decision. The site is a fairly good example of less is more.

Another source of tulle fabric that you may be interested in is Paper Mart tulle. Tulle fabric is available in rolls and bolts from fine mesh to small metallic polka dot tulle.  There is a wide range of choice available for different purposes.

Posted by kennypforrest