Web Design Critique: TV Store Online

About TV Store Online

TV Store Online is an e-commerce website which opened last September 2004. They sell classic clothings – TV and movie T-shirts as well as memorabilia. The online store is now 20-employee strong.

First Impression

The website used a clean and simple design. The background colors are toned down and not too flashy, considering they sell clothing and costumes with flashy colors. The pages are put at the very top and give way to the most important parts of an e-commerce website: the search and the browse bars. These two are very basic needs of an e-commerce site who wants their customers happy while shopping. The customer can search for very specific things. If he doesn’t have an exact idea, he won’t have a hard time browsing through everything because he can browse according to categories.

Another thing that is very important with regards to the product they sell, Size Chart. Customers tend to not purchase anything if they are in doubt the items will fit them.


Social media icons are placed on top of the header. The header is just the right size with 8 slideshows on it. The customers then see the Free Shipping banner which is better if put at the top of the page so it will be the first thing the customers see, adding a probable reason to buy.

It is then followed by a welcome message which is unnecessary and should be added on the “About Us” page. The Featured Items are next – the items stood out against the white background of the images with detailed labels on it.


After the Feature Items are some facts about the e-commerce site and the items they are selling. This looks very redundant considering there is a dedicated “About Us” page for that. Thought the website does not look cluttered- the text gives the feeling that it is. Bigger fonts would be better too.

There’s a drop down menu at the top of the website and at the bottom as well which is okay but another list of pages is already redundant – Home, About Us, Size Chart, Returns, Shipping, Contact Us.

The categories are also listed down one by one at the bottom and as stated earlier, which may seem redundant to the average user but provides for an easier navigation.

Posted by kennypforrest