Web Design Critique: WebMD

About WebMD

WebMD is a website that aims to provide health information, important tools to manage one’s health and as well as invaluable support to those who are looking for information. The website’s contents are timely and exude credibility.

First Impression

The site looks very professional. It uses a user friendly theme which is like the vibe of an online clinic. It also showcases what the website is for and who it is targeted for. The purpose of the website is clear just by looking at the homepage. Users can see just by looking at the tabs and the articles highlighted that this site is meant to provide them all the health information they needed. The website is also very user-friendly in case of navigation and browsing through topics.

Who are the audience?

Knowing your target audience is a big step to improving the overall functionality of a website. In this case, it targets users who are looking for facts regarding a certain condition or just someone who wants to know more about an illness. Considering how many topics there are related to health, a search bar is perfect at the top of the page but in this case it is not very noticeable. A bigger, bolder search bar might be a great option.

Text Size

People of all ages come to this site for health knowledge but nowadays, more seniors are turning to the internet for health facts. As we all know, they need glasses to read and the site’s font may just be too small for some. An option to increase text size will be a great help since not all of them knows how to tweak the browser so they can zoom in and out.


The social media buttons are placed perfectly, not taking up much space but still noticeable buttons. Topics are greatly organized and accompanied with thumbnails in the homepage. The site is very easy to navigate, no signing up on e-mail pop-ups, no annoying ads except the site’s own mobile app being advertised. And let’s talk about the mobile app, how great is that? Health knowledge anyone can access on-the-go.

Posted by kennypforrest