Web Design Critique: www.excellencecoaches.com

About airport transfers

Airport transfers make your travel nice and easy. It gives you peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about transportation services once you arrive at the airport. If you have booked for airport transfers ahead of time, you are sure that your transport needs are in place and at your disposal.

Searchability. The keywords “airport transfers” give several websites of the Google search results. Perhaps the website does not relate much to the keywords making it not appear on the pages of the Google search results. This does not mean though that the website is not on the Internet. The high ranking though is not a reason that defines a web page’s popularity.

Usability. The website excellencecoaches.com is convenient to use and filled with relevant information about airport transfers. It well describes the featured place which is Port Douglas. The facts are useful for travelers who want to know more about the amazing place.

Navigation. The menus are arranged horizontally on top of the page but there are no drop downs that list the features of each menu. However, though without the drop downs, the user is directly led to the features of the main menus with attractive pictures. Navigation is easy and user-friendly. It is not too complicated that sometimes makes the search longer.

Design and layout. The design and layout of excellencecoaches.com are simple yet informative and attractive. The green colors that dominate the web page make it soothing to the eyes and create a vivid picture of nature. The green vegetation and unpolluted waters make the website more inviting to tourists and make them more curious about exploring the place. There is also a “contact us” field for customers to easily send their messages to the website. In every feature as you scroll down, the design provides a menu on booking that makes it convenient for customers. The layout though does not feature any of their fleets which would have made the site more exciting as we see the pictures and models of the buses that they use. This will add to the interest of the customers. Overall, the webpage is fully informative for tourists with the display of minimal texts and images.

Contents. The website of Excellence Coaches and Tours which provides airport transfers to tourists and an amazing experience of the remote places in Port Douglas is filled with relevant information about transport services that tourists can avail of. Aside from this, it makes their travel more comfortable and relaxing.

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