Web Design Critique: www.greensparkelectrical.com.au

This website is about solar panels on the Gold Coast and the many advantages that can be enjoyed from free electricity. The unlimited energy from the sun can be harnessed through solar power systems so that a household can reduce if not eliminate the monthly electrical bills.

First impression

Web design is not aesthetically appealing but it is more than made up for by a generous amount of information on solar panels and power systems. The colour theme is simple and complements the white background. There is an overwhelming amount of text but it was divided into bite-size pieces that a user will easily read and understand. There are no exciting elements like graphics, sliders and animation that can attract the attention of a web user; however, web design was able to deliver professional content to the target audience. Anyone who is searching so solar power systems or solar panels is not exactly looking for a colourful web page because the purpose is to find information that can help in making a confident decision.


Navigation is pretty simple and user friendly. The main navigation menu is located in the best possible place that web users are familiar with which is the top of the page. It is very likely that the web designer considered mobile phone users in the design of the call to action form. Mobile users do not have the patience to scroll back to a call to action button that has been placed at the top of the page after they have scrolled through the information provided. Additionally, by putting the call to action form below the fold, it does not become a distraction to the more important information.


The long home page design delivers content in a stronger, more detailed and clearer way to gain the attention of the target audience. All the useful information that web users are searching for has been provided in a clear and simple manner without any distractions. While it is typical to find the call to action button at the top of the home page in short homepage design, the placement at the bottom of a long homepage increases conversion rates.


Posted by kennypforrest