Web Design Critique: www.illustratedmaps.com

It is typical for people to expect color and style when looking at a bird’s eye view map website. The landscape is actually full of color and life when seen from above. Map illustrators often create bird’s eye view maps for clients by drawing an area from a favorable vantage point to deliver a realistic feeling of the region.

First impression

The website is full of color because it is a powerful tool to evoke positive feelings. The generous use of white space makes both color and text stand out. The viewer is urged to stay longer and investigate every detail of the homepage. The bird’s eye view maps that were generously used in the homepage triggers the best emotional response and provides an insight on what the website offers.

One clear advantage of using a slider at the top of the page is the visual appeal. Visitors are intrigued by the hang glider and small plane. Visitors are usually very visual and movements can get their attention more than words. It is a great way to persuade a visitor to stay on the site for an extra few seconds.


User friendly navigation provides visitor with a positive experience. A visitor can effortlessly continue the search for more information when they can quickly and easily navigate through the site. The navigation menu is simple enough for average visitors to understand and follow. Website content is well organized according to relevance. Load time is just a few seconds and encourages the visitor to learn more about the website and what it offers.


Most people will be intrigued by bird’s eye view maps because they are more familiar with traditional road maps and digital maps. Visitors become well informed because the product is discussed in detail. Since it is very unlikely for some people to know about bird’s eye maps, the website manages to explain how the maps are made, why creative style is important and how they work in promoting a business. It is assumed that websites want to persuade visitors to take action by producing high quality content. Relevant content makes the website honest and credible to its visitors.

Posted by kennypforrest