Web Design Critique: www.lamaiinternationalschool.com

One of the important elements of website design for secondary school in Thailand is information that is relevant to students, parents and teachers. Some schools use different platforms to market the kind of education they provide but the best marketing tool is a website that has adequate content and well planned for easy reading. Since the ultimate goal is to create a user-friendly website, it is important to ensure that navigation can be effortlessly undertaken.

First impression

The slider on the homepage is definitely eye-catching. It is very likely that the slider was applied to create an interactive homepage. People generally prefer visuals over text because it minimizes the effort to browse the site and determine what it offers. By displaying the high quality images of children during school activities, it sends the message that education can be fun. The homepage also offers different links to various areas that will help a parent make a confident decision.


The navigation design of the school website exactly fits the model of a user friendly navigation which must be the model for every school. There are sections and sub-sections to introduce the school, the education levels, extra-curricular activities, teachers and the project that the school embarks on. Each of the navigation links have drop down menus that links to other relevant content like academic calendar and events, admissions and classes. However, information is already delivered prominently in the homepage with more content delivered at a click of the mouse. You will notice that everything has been planned professionally which is the right thing to do for a school website.


The amount of content in the homepage is more than sufficient but it is organized in an orderly fashion so as not to overwhelm the user. This technique is perfect for school websites because information is actually the objective of users. The images have high quality and have been chosen rather well to make the site visually appealing. The white background effectively highlights text and makes them easily readable. The simple design actually makes the website look more appealing although I would prefer text to be a little bigger and bolder.


Posted by kennypforrest