Web Design Critique: www.orisoft.co.th

First impression

The website of Orisoft offers HR management solutions from time attendance software to performance management software to make it easy for human resources to manage their human assets. Web design makes use of white background which is very popular today because it makes everything clear, clean and uncluttered. At a glance, you will immediately see what the website is offering because white removes any visual obstacles. White also emphasizes the important parts of web design from the texts to images. While many argue that extensive use of white in web design appears to be minimalistic; it makes readability easier and more convenient.


From the homepage, the user will immediately see the different services offered. Content is clearly presented by web design to answer the most common questions in the minds of the target audience. All the navigational elements and headlines in content sections are clearly presented with readable text. High priority items are provided in the homepage but instead of endless scrolling to access more information, the visitor only needs to click on the navigation menu. The call to action button in the form in “download brochure” is an effective design technique so that the visitor to can access more information.


The website is an ideal example of a simple, predictable and user-friendly navigation. The navigation menu at the top of the page effectively tells the visitor that more information can be accessed. For example, if the visitor clicks on talent management on the navigation menu, more information is provided regarding HR management solutions. Instead of content being scattered on the homepage, it is contained in separate distinct pages so that the visitor will not be overwhelmed with so much information on the homepage. Navigation has been carefully planned so that a visitor can easily interact with content. Navigation leads potential customers to the most important information that the site provides in order to generate inquiries.

The way that human assets are managed can be redefined through the right solutions that enhance productivity. An example of an HR management solution is performance management software that minimizes any potential errors when evaluating employee performance and productivity.

Posted by kennypforrest