Web Design Critique: www.Plenty.com.au

“Live the life of plenty”, is the motto displayed by the website of financial advising firm Plenty Australia, www.plenty.com.au, both clever and concise in what the site and the company wants to help its customers do. One might think that a company’s motto is irrelevant towards the site’s design, but since the motto is a part of the company’s identity; a catchy, concise approximation of their purpose, it’s something that is a big part of the site itself.

That being said, Plenty’s site does its motto justice. First off at the main page, you’ll see the main header, which has a picture of a father enjoying his time with his kid, both smiling, alongside the links to other pages, like “Why Plenty”, “Meet the Team”, as well as the “Get Started” link and the like. This is the format that that the whole site follows; a big image header with people on it, giving the site a very human element. Even the “Meet the Team” page boldly shows the picture of the team members, letting you put a face on the people you’re consulting with.

Following that, is the body of the page, which features a white background, though, unlike many other sites that use such a background, it avoids being stale and lifeless thanks its good use of images and other colourful visual aids, explained by some text, about 5 lines at most, which tells you what you want to know about the site and the company.

However, there are some lines of text that are longer, about 2 paragraphs long, that are a little hard to read. This is because that the text, which is fairly small and thin, are put up against the white background, or, if they’re given they’re own text box, it tends to be a fairly light shade of grey, which doesn’t really create the kind of contrast that would really help make the text inside them stand out.

This issue is also noticeable at the bottom of the page, where the second links lie, as usual. Thin, small black text on a grey background, and even the icons of sites like Facebook or Twitter are the same colour of the text. This is a bit of a discrepancy, as the rest of the site is fairly colourful.

All in all, the site delivers its information clearly, concisely, and, sometimes, cleverly, and, on that front, there’s little to worry about. But the colour distribution feels uneven, with the images accounting for a lot of the colour, with little else on anything else.

Posted by kennypforrest