Web design critique: www.starbrightmontessori.com

It is not difficult for parents to find a quality preschool because most schools have websites that offer relevant information. The website of Starbright Montessori easily creates a good impression to users. The school understands that their website is a reflection of their image and reputation which can increase admissions.

However, it is also important for web design to deliver a good experience for the user. The first thing that users will see on a website is its overall look like layout, colors, images and fonts. Web design of Starbright Montessori is simple and yet it manages to provide the right information that users seek. The homepage includes all the information from contact details to the welcome message that the school is accepting applications. The navigation menu helps users to reach other pages to access information that includes preschool program, school events, admission, school blog and gallery.

The website includes a range of quality content from the preschool program to the videos on Montessori education, classroom and testimonials. The videos are very important because some users prefer to view informative videos than read text. It is also very easy to navigate the website and reach the other pages that promote the strengths of the school.

Another important feature of the website of Starbright Montessori is its mobile version. Most users from parents to teachers and even students usually access the website through mobile instead of desktops or laptops. Website content is clear and accessible through mobile. The pages automatically re-size and reformat so that the user does not have to zoom the pages.

The images used in the gallery have good quality and effectively gives the user an idea of what to expect from Starbright Montessori. The images show the school environment that is very important in the child’s development process. The pictures can help parents decide if they want their child to attend the preschool.

The page that explains the Montessori Method is very critical because it provides parents with an idea on the curriculum and subject areas. For school websites, relevant content is more important than flashy photographs and colors and multi-media presentations. When parents are well informed, they can make confident decisions easily.

Posted by kennypforrest