Web Design Critique On www.thecanvasprints.co.uk

First impression

The homepage of photo canvas prints easily elicits a good impression because of its quality content. On the homepage, a visitor will be greeted by a slideshow of the photo canvas prints that can be used for wall display. It is very apparent that the images have been carefully chosen to gain the attention of visitors and influence them to continue scrolling down. Content is organized with the essential call-to-action buttons so that a consumer will not get lost. Web design focuses on relevant content with additional information displayed for consumers who expect more from the site. There are no distractions or clutter that can negatively affect a consumer’s purchase decision.


Navigation is user friendly and there is no reason to get lost among the pages. A visitor can simply scroll down to gain all the information required. The navigation menu on the top of the page including the bottom navigation is consistent throughout the pages. It is relatively easy for a visitor to access the pages by clicking on the desired navigation button. For example, if you click on the canvas styles, you will be taken to the page where you will find different styles and designs of photo canvas prints for every room.


The use of white background has become rather popular among web designers because it an easy and safe path to generate a clean design. While a white background is the epitome of simplicity, it also easy to pair with bright bold colors. It also adds a visual emphasis to important elements of web design like images and texts. The web designer has effectively created a beautiful contrast that allows the visitor to focus on the more important aspects of content.


Headers are used to draw the eyes on important content. The homepage clearly tells a story that will be easy for a visitor to comprehend. At a glance, the visitor can easily identify what the website wants to convey and what it offers. The web designer has a solid understanding of the needs of potential customers and has made the effort to answer all the relevant questions, doubts and concerns.

Posted by kennypforrest