Web Design Critique: Wardrobe

First impression

At a glance, I knew immediately that the site’s target audience is the female population. Nobody would be confused by the objective of the site because it is provided by quality fashion images. My first impression of the site is it is attractive and appealing. The web designer has made efforts to enhance the aesthetics of the home page while ensuring that it does not look cluttered. The use of white space has made the design rather simple but the images prevent it from looking boring.


There are multiple navigation buttons at the top and bottom of the page that works perfectly. A potential customer does not have to figure out how to make a search because all the right buttons have been provided. The slideshow is a nice big animated content area that can catch the attention of a user. The arrows can advance the slideshow if the user is in hurry to checkout other images that have been provided. This isn’t just a nice feature intended to make the web design beautiful; it increases the effectiveness and usability of the site.


Content is very important in web design and the web designer has apparently made a careful research on the information that will be useful to visitors. Interaction is also encouraged because it literally requests for questions to be asked through a button on the uppermost portion of the homepage. A user can also follow the site through its Facebook page or signup for a newsletter. These are web design tricks that can easily gain the trust of consumers.

Other features

Relevant information is also provided including testimonials from loyal customers. The buttons in the header are repeated in the footer to provide some really nice functionality. In addition, the footer includes other buttons that provide the user with more information. The designer has made good design a priority and this makes the site look awesome. Instead of formal poses, the images look more genuine. The web designer has ensured that all the images were of smiling faces which makes the site look friendly and more relaxed.

Overall impression: excellent

Posted by kennypforrest