Web Design Critique:www.illustratedmaps.com

The website is about Illustrated Maps or illustrations of a business center, school campus, town or community from a bird’s eye-view. The map illustrators can either climb mountains, trees or tall buildings to capture a scene as it looks from above.

First impression

Online users usually judge a website based on the visual appeal of the homepage even if they have never experienced the professionalism of the business. Based on the factors of color, spacing, symmetry, fonts and amount of texts, the website makes a good first impression. The homepage presents the best examples of panoramic illustrated maps and explains how it differs from other maps that can be accessed online. Web design is simple and yet it is interesting. The visually appealing illustrations of views are the stimuli that make people stay longer on the site.


Navigation menu is pretty simple. Users who are looking for information can easily find their way around the website. The navigation menu allows users to move from page to page without the need for certain keystrokes to navigate. The horizontal menu is prominently placed in the most visible location of the homepage and it is repeated consistently in the other pages. It has a clean look with space in between buttons to look nicely.


Web design presents all the important information required in a clean and organized manner. The message is presented simply to ensure that it is easy to understand. The extensive use of white space allows content room to breathe. Information is segmented into separate categories to help reduce the effort to process content. The overall aesthetic is clean and structured to allow content to speak to the audience. The call-to-action buttons stand out but just enough to catch attention. When a user hovers over an image, it is enlarged to a bigger size so that the user can view all the details.

Each of the Illustrated Maps delivers what the client requires in terms of images and information that is relevant to the user. The technique used by the artist in creating the illustrations of an area evokes the feeling of identification or the feeling that you have been there before.

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