WebCritique: VIMI.CO’s iOS/Android App Design & Development Service

First Impression:

When I first entered the webpage of vimi.co’s iOS/Android app design & development service, the first thing that I had noticed was how professionally built it is. The web designers definitely paid no expense in making the webpage functional and modern without having to frustrate the visitors with ultra complex features. I loved the minimalist design and the simplicity that is present throughout the website.

I also liked the loading speed of the webpage. I didn’t have to wait for a number of seconds before entering the site. The speed is most definitely because of the simplistic and clutter-free design.


The website does not feature any navigation panel. Instead, there is a ghost button located at the rightmost part of the uppermost section of the website which when clicked would expand into a vertical navigation panel consisting of 8 navigation buttons: home, portfolio, clients, services, FAQ, about, blog and contact. Below these buttons is a set of social media icons for the purpose of social media marketing.

Content, Layout & Design:

When it comes to the layout of the webpage, it is somewhat different from most websites as it features to separate pages or portions represented by a colon-like ghost button on the rightmost part of the webpage. These portions are interchangeable by clicking one of the ghost buttons or just scrolling down or up.

The first portion contains highly informative, engaging content that would definitely convince the visitors into making business with the company. The second portion is mostly a call-to-action which would allow the visitor to get a quick quote from the company.

With the design, I am very impressed with how everything is made. The webpage is very simple upon closer inspection but it appears very modern and ‘hip.’ Everything is organized and without clutter, it is very appealing. They have made the right color choices as everything is complementary with one another and the logo is prominently featured above the page.


The web designer for this page had done quite an outstanding job in developing and designing the webpage, and the entire website itself. It was highly informative and it didn’t take too much for me to understand what the website is all about. If I was looking for an android developer Thailand, then I would most definitely hire their services.

Posted by kennypforrest