Critique: Leapfrog Media

Leapfrog Media is a website whose main purpose is to help various companies and websites with SEO. They aim to provide their clients with the best SEO packages Sydney and to help them climb the rankings in Google, drive more traffic and achieve a better and positive ROI.


Upon entering the homepage, the first thing to greet you is an informative and creative graphic containing the purpose and goal of the website which is really helpful for first time visitors. The graphic is also really large and hard to not notice. The homepage also features the different packages that the website and the company are offering which is also truly helpful for visitors who would immediately find it placed beneath the large opening graphic. Above the logo, you would find a panel that connects with different social media sites which is very good for social media marketing. Beside the social media icons, you would find different methods of contacting the company.


There are 7 navigation buttons and all of them lead to different areas that give a more detailed and comprehensive explanation regarding the purpose of the website and the services it is offering. The navigation is really good and goes really well with the contents in the homepage as you scroll it down.


Not much can be said about the color choices. The colors are very simple and rather dull but it somewhat enhances the readability of the website’s contents. The homepage is divided into many sections. There are three sections that inform the visitor about the different services offered by the website as well as what the website does. You can see these sections as you scroll down. There is also a section for the blogs that the website has posted which is really good for SEO as well as helping the visitors get informed. Beside the blog section, there is another section that contains the complete contact details of the company. Overall, the website has exhibited excellent use of space.


Probably the only thing that the site should improve in is the color choices. They could use a little more color to enhance the appearance of the site. The logo is also a little too small and they could give more emphasis on their identity by enlarging it.

Posted by kennypforrest