Website Critique:

PaperMart is a family operated business that offers retail, food and industrial packaging items to their customers. They have been operating for 95 years but their website only started 18 years ago. Included in there catalogue are 26,000 items for sale and they offer the lowest prices with the same day shipping.

  • Searchability. First let us talk about the searchability of the website. After typing the keywords “packaging items for less”on the search engine, the first on the search result is the website that points to the same exact website under critique today. It only conveys that the website has been optimized for search engine thus the first place ranking.
  • Upon clicking the website portal, the visitor will be directed to their homepage. One of the most important features of a successful e-commerce website is fast loading web pages. The homepage in this case loads within seconds despite the large animated header, the various images on the homepage and other animated graphics used. The same goes when the website is visited using a mobile device.
  • For an e-commerce website, customers are looking for something straightforward. As they click on the website, they are hoping to get how the website works within seconds upon landing on the homepage. Working hyperlinks, easy to navigate between pages, stable website and fast loading are just basic things that will ensure the return of online visitors.
  • Upon further inspection, purchasing clients will not have a problem browsing through the 26,000 items on the catalogue as they are classified into groups such as plastic, fabric, paper, etc. They are further categorized upon selecting a certain classification which makes the choosing process a breeze. If you are looking for specific items in mind then you can use the search bar at the top of the homepage. Featured items are also highlighted below using animated graphics.
  • The website used a minimalist design which is perfect for a business that has thousands to offer. The focus will remain on the products, their images and description and will not be overshadowed by too much layout design. The simple design is also one of the reason why loads very fast.

Posted by kennypforrest