Website Critique: Pimlicoplumbers

First impression

The site wastes no time in letting you know what it is all about, with the images of plumbers doing their jobs on the landing page. The homepage gave a very good introduction of the site without reading any of the text. The homepage is appropriate for its target audience but what catches the attention was obviously the image of the two cute little boys playing with the miniature Pimlico service vehicles. The sidebar included customer feedback for those who require convincing to avail of the plumbing services.


Content is appropriate to its target audience and it is presented in the right format. The site provides for a wide range of information beyond the introductory page. There are section headings that permit easy scanning of the pages. Contact information is very visible right on top of the pages with the share buttons to blogs, Facebook and Twitter. The site also provides for the live chat which is ideal for potential customers who want to know about additional information that has not been presented on the pages.


The web designer has done an excellent job with aesthetics. The way the web designer incorporated the image of a young boy playing with a Pimlico service vehicle every time a different link is clicked is something that is generally appealing. There were lots of images that did more explaining than the texts which is ideal for consumers who do not have the patience to read through all the information available. However, in spite of all the images, there was balance and no clutter that can distract attention. The body text is clear and concise and its black color contrasts well with the white background for ease of reading.


All essential information is linked in the navigation system. There is a site navigation bar on every page in the same place so that there is no need to click back and forth. The links on the navigation bar are properly organized. There is always a link back to homepage from each of the supporting pages. Two clicks and you arrive at the supporting page.

Final verdict: very impressive and seriously excellent website.

Posted by kennypforrest