Website Design Critique: Catalyst Event Solutions

About the website:

Catalyst Event Solutions is a company that offers conference management services to corporations either big or small. They also have personnel that are assigned in Brisbane and Melbourne branches in order to further help clients with their upcoming events.

Images. The header used for the homepage is an animation of images. There are also thumbnail images below the page that accompanies links to respective parts of the website. These images did not slow down the loading of the article. The images go well with the white background of the website.

Colors/Fonts. The color palette is similar to the logo’s colors. It complements the plain, white background but I believe that one more accent color would have made a difference instead of focusing on orange and black alone. The font use is simple and easy to read. Even the elderly with poor eyesight will be able to read the texts well.

Layout. The overall layout of the website is quite simple. It does not have anything that will make the website stand out from the competition’s website. It is also simple, easy to understand and navigate around which is suited for older users. Adding a unique feature would help to attract the attention of the younger audiences.

Loading time. Loading the website for the first time is quite fast. There is not much on the homepage that need longer time to address. Aside from the animated header image, there is only a small portion of texts for the company introduction and the thumbnail images that accompany the links. It is best to maintain the same level of content and avoid website features that will take a lot of time to load else you risk losing customers.

Content. For a person who is looking for a company that offers conference management services, the website of Catalyst Events Solutions provide the answers to the questions the customers wanted to know. The content is packed with information without overloading the page with texts. All contact information is also available at the top corner along with social media icons for easier communication.

Posted by kennypforrest