Website Design Critique: Effective Heating

Effective Heating is a commercial boiler repair company based in Leeds. If you think your boiler can be repaired and salvaged, contact the company for a quote and get an appointment before the cold months hit the area. Today we are going to critique its company website found at

Loading time. According to research, it only takes a few seconds for a visitor to decide to leave the site if the content of the website does not load as fast as expected. Upon clicking on the website address, the website loading time is quite fast. There are no lags and every element included on the homepage loaded properly.

First impression. Upon seeing the homepage, the color scheme looks very refreshing and clean. The website looks very professional but one thing that can be noticed right away is that there are too many texts on the homepage. It could be adjusted to be brief and highlight only the important information clients will be interested in.

Navigation. The website is easy to navigate and it is visitor-friendly. The menu can be found at the very top of the page though it could use bigger font sizes. Call-to-action buttons are also displayed at the right top of the page to lead the customers on the next step in contacting the company. clicking on the logo of the company, wherever you might be in the website, will bring you back to the homepage which is good as it serves as an anchor.

Content. Every page on the menu contains elaborate explanations and detailed information. There are too many paragraphs in every page which could be balanced by adding related images.

Design. The overall design of the website is pleasing to the eyes. The white background conveys professionalism and it complements well with large header image at the top half of the page. The color scheme is consistent to the company’s logo.

Overall, the website is clean, minimalistic and professional. It calls out to clients who think that their heating system is doomed saying, your boiler can be repaired by the professional engineers of Effective Heating.

Posted by kennypforrest