Website Design Critique:

Design is one of the important elements of a hotel near Skytrain website because it has the power to attract the attention of travellers. However, the design must also be simple to be user friendly. A visitor must not guess what the website is all about.

First impression

Online users are more likely to scan the homepage than read everything it contains. The first thing that will greet you when you arrive on the homepage is the image of the hotel in Bangkok. There is no room for confusion on what the website is all about. The designer has managed a good visual hierarchy which means that the elements are presented in a way that indicates importance. The eyes will focus on what is first, the second and so on. Visitors can also immediately see the navigation options, call-to-action button and the log-in form. The way that the website is designed encourages users to continue scrolling because what is below looks promising enough.


The homepage is quite long but it does not make navigation a problem because the navigation bar at the left side of the page remains in place while you scroll. You do not need to scroll all the way up to know your current location because the navigation menu is consistent in all the pages. Every navigation option is simple enough for users to understand. What the website lacks is the search box for users who do not want to click on the navigation options. Some users prefer to type their query in the search box to find the page they are looking for.


There is a little bit of information overload but it is not something serious to prevent you from making a decision. However, information is presented into smaller chunks for easy understanding. Terms and phrases used are clear and can easily be understood by majority of users. The homepage is divided into major regions but it clearly shows the relationships between the elements through their size and position. The different parts of the page are combined cohesively to reduce clutter. Content loading is quite fast with the hotel near Skytrain although a bad connection may cause a slower response.

Posted by kennypforrest