Website Design Critique: Safeway Security Screens

For locals who are looking for manufacturers of security screens in Perth, look no further than Safeway Security Screens. The company’s website can be found at and today we are going to critique its website design.

Quick thoughts regarding the website first:

  • The website loads fast despite the fact that there are three embedded videos located at the bottom part of the page.
  • There are no animations or show-stealing elements included on homepage that could catch or distract the attention of the visitors from the main elements which are the products offered by the company.
  • The color scheme is quite simple – black, white and red.
  • The white background is too plain since there are no other elements found on the page.
  • The margin found on both side of the website is too large making it look like there is not enough content.
  • For the pages located at the top of the page, the font size should be bigger and not as small s the content.
  • There are no social media icons found within the website that will encourage clients to interact with the business on a more personal level.

Things I liked about the website:

  • You know right away why it was made, the purpose and the target clients. The website name itself conveys that they make security screens and the homepage confirms this information through the header image and the videos embedded.
  • There are no unnecessary elements included in the website just to make it look like there is a lot going on which could lead to chaotic vibe most of the time.
  • The company highlights the fact that they provide guarantees and warranty for their products.

Things that need improvement:

  • The title of the pages at the top of the website should be bigger.
  • There is no portfolio with full images of the products to showcase what the clients can expect.
  • There are instances when the page looks too bare.

While there is room for improvement, the website is effective for attracting customers looking for security screens in Perth because it is simple and straight to the point.

Posted by kennypforrest