A Website Design Example: Mistakes To Avoid

When you set up a website, you want to encourage your customers to revisit your site regularly and have them converted into promoters. But the question is, how are you going to do it? One way to do is to check on A Website Design Example found on the internet or you can also check from successful websites and gather ideas from them. Finding out what works in a website can be easy but it is also important to determine the mistakes that web owners commit so you can avoid applying them on your site. Here are some of those pitfalls.
Weak web content
The contents of a website play an important role in the success of a site. It is what customers come back for and you can use your content to attract new prospects to increase your web traffic. If your visitors find nothing relevant in your website, they will not surely revisit your site or leave right away thereby increasing your bounce rate. Provide your audiences something to look forward to such as fresh and unique articles on a regular basis. Keep your site updated and know the latest trends in the industry then share them to your visitors.
Excessive amount of content
Customers want to get fresh insights and information from your site but they don’t want to be bombarded with it especially if the contents are not relevant to your brand. A Website Design Example that stands out are those with the right amount of content and they are easy to navigate and professional looking. Avoid too much content as it will only distract your customers.
Lacking images
A Website Design Example that arrests the attention of site visitors is one that is visually entertaining. Make sure that the colors and theme compliment and put in adequate but not excessive amount of images on your web pages. On the other hand, avoid overstuffing your web pages with too much photos. A maximum of three photos per page is hig

Posted by kennypforrest