What Makes The Brony.com A Great Site?

The esteemed brand of ‘My Little Pony’ has brought a concrete reputation to its name. It sells different products ranging from My little pony hoodies, accessories, pajamas and a whole lot more, with girls as its target market. If you have seen this brand and searched them in the net, then you might have already been introduced to its site. The products from this brand is being sold in many different online sites, and one of the things I love about them is their site, ‘Brony.com’. The site contributes a lot to the total sales of a brand and Brony.com is doing it extremely well. Here are some of the qualities of their site that gives it the impact it needs that attracts customer to buy items from them.

The first time I saw the site was when I entered through the brony.com/my-little-pony-hoodies when I was looking for the brand’s hoodies. The first impact that I got which was obvious, was its design and Logo. The Logo is very appealing and it screams the brand’s theme which is pony and ‘cuteness’. The colors used are simple. The way they used white, gray and violet, made the site pop and look more attractive. The scripts used were also simple. No overdone animations or design is present which adds to its overall impression.

I was also able to pinpoint that their fonts were consistent and readable. It was used in a way that it complemented the site as well. The black font for the main content gave it a simple appeal, while the title of articles which were shown in white, bold fonts, made it pop that surely attracts customers to read it.
As for their content, they were all fun to read and are relevant to the site. If you’re just scouring their site, you could even be hooked when you read their blog posts and inform yourself with some of the news or blogs where the product is involved. It’s entertaining and the fact that the customers are being informed more of the product gives it a plus points on its attractiveness.

Overall the brony.com site is definitely great in all terms. It’s attractive and it looks professional at the same time. This fact also makes it more appealing to the customers which surely affects their total sales. Whether customers will buy those my little pony hoodies and other products in the site or not, the fact that they are entertained with the whole website as a whole remains.

Posted by kennypforrest