Why Printing Companies Should Consider A Innorix Secured File Transfer Solution

The service offered by printing companies to business and individual consumers seem comparatively

direct to the surface – they expend on graphic files and have them printed. This is when Innorix secured

file transfer is needed to move and share files. However, you will need to anticipate a very simplistic

approach of the processes that a printing company can do to furnish a finished product.


The business process has a certain pattern which is the same around most printing companies.

Customers may demand business cards, brochures, magazines and some other documents to contact a

printer. The printing company will usually provide a price for the job, generally made from within a

Management Information System (MIS) and is given a job number. At this point the printer then expects

to receive a file from the customer, but how?


Many printers have in the past received files via email. However, there is a growing problem triggered in

email attachment limits, that guarantees no delivery, and the taking place of usual file corruption, which

make email inappropriate for this purpose. Many printers of today use FTP to receive files; however,

they tend not to be user-friendly. One important way that emails don’t provide is the integration

capabilities, which vary on how they were deployed.


So, here are significant considerations for a printing company when they start using Innorix secured file

transfer solutions:


  • Keeping it simple


When carrying out a solution, it should suit various types of customers with various technical abilities.

Web browser-based systems are far better than FTP as it brings branding possibilities.


  • Flexibility is key


There are those who prefer FTP or email-based delivery, while the rest prefer web browsers. There

should be various ranges of delivery protocols for non-mechanical consumers.


  • Keeping customers’ data secure


Customers may send sensitive documents such as their credit card statements, reports and accounts,

financial documents, etc. When you utilize Innorix secured file transfer solution, there is guarantee for

data security while moving and delivering files.


  • File sending


Once the files have been received, the printer may send a PDF proof, which is sent back to the client for

possible modification. So there is a need for printers to provide an Innorix file transfer solution that

directly goes to the client without much fuss.

Posted by kennypforrest